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Security door: REVO

Security door REVO

Enhanced Security with 15 points

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Security door: REVO

  • Additional lock protection
  • High energy efficiency (insulation)
  • Effective security (Security)
  • Wide variety of designs
  • Different Accessiores

  • 1.25mm galvanized steel sheets, joined with vertical and horizontal ribs
  • Closed type galvanized metal frame, 2mm thick
  • Concealable and adjustable heavy duty hinges
  • 15 safety points
  • Electromechanical CISA cylinder lock for automatic locking (technology with gears and catapult). Select between CISA AP3 S or RS3 S cylinder. The lock is only visible internally, while externally it is INVISIBLE
  • Pandora, an undetectable crypt at the top of the door for storage of documents and Manganese plate for the protection of the lock
  • Combines all linings (CPL, PVC, natural veneer, lacquer, sea plywood, styles, glass, marble, cement mortar and aluminium), all colours and all designs
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation material
  • Automatic windbreak
  • Panoramic 180 degree peep-hole
  • Full perimeter double rubber gasket on the door and the frame for additional thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Dimensions on demand
  • Upgraded CONVEX knobs in a wide variety of designs and colours

Pandoras box    door opener security

Door can be opened with different mechanisms: PIN number, fingerprint, key fob or via a mobile app
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